SR-1 Helmet Z-100 Helmet X-8 Helmet Eddie Lawson action shot Eddie Lawson on the podium Wayne Rainey action shot X-8 Air Helmet


  • 1959// SHOEI Kako Co., LTD is established and begins manufacturing general safety helmets in Tokyo, Japan.
  • 1960// SHOEI acquires a larger facility to begin manufacturing motorcycle helmets.
  • 1962// SHOEI motorcycle helmets earn JIS (Japanese Industrial Standards) certification.
    • SHOEI begins producing Fiber Reinforced Plastic helmets.
    • SHOEI begins racing sponsorship program to help with research and development of new products.
  • 1963// SHOEI introduces the SR-1 — the company’s first motorcycle racing helmet.
  • 1967// SHOEI establishes its factory in Ibaraki, Japan, which is still in service today.
    • SHOEI introduces the SR-Z — the company’s first full face helmet.
  • 1968// SHOEI Safety Helmet Corporation, the North American arm of our company, is formed in California, U.S.A.
  • 1971// The S-3, SA-1, and S-10 helmets are popular models for SHOEI.
    • The S-12 obtains Snell certification.
  • 1972// The S-20, with its two piece structure, is introduced, and proves to be very popular in the North American market.
  • 1976// SHOEI introduces the GR-Z, the world’s first helmet to utilize carbon fiber in its construction.
  • 1978// SHOEI Europe PVBA is established in Belgium to distribute SHOEI products throughout Europe and West Asia.
  • 1980// A new factory is built at SHOEI’s Tokyo facility.
  • 1982// SHOEI’s first off road helmet, the EX-2, is introduced.
  • 1983// SHOEI introduces the Z-100, a full face helmet with innovative designs such as an injection-molded shield
    and chin spoiler.
    • SHOEI introduces the RF-102, a full face racing helmet equipped with a quick opening shield system.
    • SHOEI introduces the TJ-201, an open face helmet equipped with a quick opening shield system.
  • 1984// SHOEI introduces the RF-102V and TJ-201V — the world’s first ventilated helmets.
    • SHOEI introduces the TF-250, a full face helmet equipped with a ventilation system in the chin bar.
  • 1987// SHOEI France SARL is established to distribute helmets in France.
    • SHOEI racer Wayne Gardner is crowned champion in the GP500 Road Racing World Championship Series.
  • 1988// SHOEI introduces the VX-4 off road helmet.
    • SHOEI racer Eddie Lawson is crowned champion in the GP500 Road Racing World Championship Series.
  • 1989// SHOEI’s Iwate factory in northern Japan is established.
    • SHOEI racer Eddie Lawson successfully defends his GP500 championship.
  • 1990// SHOEI introduces the X-8 with its unique built-in mechanical shield system, eliminating the need for noisy base plate covers.
  • 1991// SHOEI introduces the VF-X off road helmet.
  • 1992// SHOEI racer Wayne Rainey wins his third championship in a row in the GP500 class.
    • SHOEI racers won every GP500 title from 1987 through 1992.
  • 1993 // SHOEI released the first dual EPS liner ventilation system in the world with the X-8 Air.
    • The DUOTEC modular helmet is introduced.
  • 1994// SHOEI Europe GMBH is established in Germany.
  • 1999 - SHOEI racer Alex Criville wins the GP500 World Championship.
  • 2000// SHOEI introduces the Syncrotec — the company’s second-generation modular helmet.
  • 2001// SHOEI Europe Distribution Deutchland GMBH is established.
  • 2002// SHOEI introduces the X-Eleven, the new standard in premium road racing helmets.
  • 2003// SHOEI introduces the RF-1000 full-face road helmet.
  • 2004// SHOEI introduces the TZ-R full face helmet.
    • SHOEI introduces the V-MT off-road helmet
    • SHOEI introduces the VFX-DT off-road helmet that utilizes the groundbreaking new Max Dry liner.
  • 2006// SHOEI introduces the Multitec modular helmet.
    • SHOEI expands the Iwate Factory to increase production capacity.
  • 2007// SHOEI introduces the Hornet-DS — the company’s first dual-sport specific helmet.
  • 2008// SHOEI introduces the all-new VFX-W off-road helmet.
  • 2010// SHOEI introduces the all-new X-Twelve and RF-1100 road helmets.
    • The X-Twelve and RF-1100 feature SHOEI's innovative new QRSA base plate and CW-1 shield technology.
  • 2011// SHOEI introduces the all-new QWEST touring helmet.