Ben Bostrom takes Daytona 200 Victory

Shoei’s Ben Bostrom took the win in the very first night running of the Daytona 200, the most famous event on the AMA Road Racing calendar.  The new rules laid down by the DMG have taken away several of the advantages that the factory supported teams have relied on to consistently win race after race, but that didn’t stop Factory Yamaha’s Ben Bostrom.  After taking the Rolex for winning the Super Pole, Ben was rewarded by starting the race from the pole position.  In a race that saw several different leaders and some very confusing officiating, Bostrom rode a conservative race and kept the pressure on his teammate Josh Hayes, eventually forcing Hayes to make a mistake.  With Hayes out of the race, Bostrom put his head down opened a several second lead before cruising accross the finish line with the victory in hand. 

“I was just so confident going into the race.  I knew one of the Yamahas was going to win, all I had to do was to make sure it was me.  I just love my little bike,” said Bostrom after the race.  Ben debutted a new paint job on his X-Eleven at Daytona.  Across the back of Ben’s helmet was the Steve McQueen quote, “I’d rather wake up in the middle of nowhere than in any city on earth.” 

When asked why this statement appeared on his new helmet, Ben simply stated, “Because that’s how I feel.”