Jordan Szoke

Jordan Szoke

Jordan Szoke

  • Team: Mopar Express Lane BMW Motorrad Canada Superbike Team
  • Class: Superbike
  • Number: 1
  • Bike: 2015 BMWS1000RR
  • Born: December 30, 1978 — Brantford, Canada


Jordan Szoke’s career started as the youngest roadracer to earn his professional license, at the age of 15. Jordan showcased his raw talent consistently landing him on the podium.  Shattering track records and earning championships gained him some deserved notoriety.  Winning his very first National Championship at the age of 16, only two short seasons after entering competition, it was clear that this was exactly what Jordan was born to do.

Throughout his evolution Jordan has won over 20 National championships in his 20 year career.  Jordan changed the record books in 2010 when he earned both Superbike and Sportbike championships for 5 years consecutively.   Jordan also holds the record for the most Superbike Championships in Canadian History with 10 in total.  His seventh title in 2010 and his tenth title in 2015 was achieved with an unprecedented perfect season.

Szoke’s first venture at owning and running his own team in 2010 was also tremendously successful as he earned the acclaimed “Team of the Year” award.

Szoke, partnered with Mopar Express Lane and BMW Motorrad, claimed another Superbike Championship along with the "Team of the Year” award both in 2012 and 2015.

"This sport is coveted as an individual sport, but you cannot win something like this on your own. You have an entire crew behind you that provides you with a safe motorcycle that you can win on and an atmosphere to feel comfortable in."
Jordan Szoke – 2012