All SHOEI helmets are developed with safety, comfort, and passion in mind. Information gained from all over the world goes into the development of each and every model. Product development takes customer wishes, the demands of the market, new trends, and integral input from our professional racing teams into consideration. Although safety and functionality always play the dominant role, the design aspect is never neglected. This special combination of perfect functionality and unique design is testimony to the passion that motorcyclists all over the world experience when riding in a SHOEI helmet.


Wind Tunnel Testing

Motorcyclists live in a stream of moving air, making SHOEI's in-house wind tunnels an integral tool during the design and development process. In addition to shell aerodynamics, the aerodynamic efficiency of spoilers and vents are also analyzed during SHOEI's extensive wind tunnel testing practices. The result: every SHOEI helmet boasts an incredibly sleek design that increases airflow, reduces noise, buffeting and lift, and ultimately enhances the overall comfort and performance of your ride. An integral part of the development process, SHOEI's ventilation systems direct cooling air in through the front of the helmet, and utilize key areas of low air pressure to the rear of the helmet to draw warm, damp air through its exhaust outlets. Along with the perfect shape and placement of vent intakes and outlets, the air channels in SHOEI's unique Dual-Layer EPS Liner systems are a significant contributor to our helmets’ world-class ventilation characteristics.


Test Rides

Intensive test rides in various regions are performed to verify the results of the wind tunnel testing on several aspects of the helmet. For example, the various forms of airflow created by different types of motorcycles, as well as the comfort experienced during long rides, are investigated and taken into consideration when developing a helmet design.


Born From Racing

SHOEI prides itself in building the very best helmets that our state-of-the-art manufacturing technologies will allow, but we also maintain the core belief that good old fashioned field research yields the highest performing, most functional helmets producible. SHOEI helmets are the result of countless hours of conceptualization and R&D, but equally as important is the time spent testing with the most hardcore critics of them all—our professional racing team. From our MotoGP race team service to world-class racers like Marc Marquez, Bradley Smith, Josh Grant, and Dean Wilson, our helmets are put through the ringer, resulting in the fine-tuned masterpieces that await you on this website.